The Lizard Chronicles

Some of this is true. Some of this is better. –Too Much Joy

As I Bid Adieu to Julaiku… July 31, 2017

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Some momentary




Thank Goodness for Audio Recordings July 29, 2017

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At a work meeting 

I forgot my Adderall

Vigilance arrears


Fatigue July 27, 2017

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I will eke them out

These seventeen syllables

But some days it’s hard


I’m Looking at You, Forty-Five July 26, 2017

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News from Washington

Actually nothing new

More ass-hattery 


Garbage + Blondie July 22, 2017

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Summer night concert

Delightfully weird redhead

And atomic blonde 


Pass On Obfuscation July 14, 2017

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Imprecise wording

May compel readers toward

Inapt conclusions


Julaiku: The Conclusion July 31, 2014

July 24

No, Really, I Am

Days full of meetings

Almost make me forget

I am a writer


July 25

The Hazards of Long Hair

Nice day for a drive

Rolled up hair in car window



July 26

At Least There Was Beer

Bummer when Cubs lose

Even bigger bummer when

The Cardinals win


July 27

The House on the Hill

Seven eleven

My beloved childhood home

I bid it goodbye



July 28


Morning alarm sounds

Rudely announcing

The weekend is gone


July 29


The Tiki Terrace

Tropical umbrella drinks

Make for tipsy Liz


July 30

Duty Calls

It is my day off

Yet, somehow, I am working

I’m doing it wrong


July 31

Finish Lines

Last day of the month

So, with this final poem

I end Julaiku