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Forty-three Notable Things I Did While I Was Forty-three October 24, 2018

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  1. Had fun in the photo booth at Gilt Bar
  2. Visited the Catcade


    I’m a kitty!

  3. Took control of my hair loss by getting my hair cut and later shaving my head


    Perhaps the most badass I’ve ever looked

  4. Donated my hair to charity


    I hope it made someone else happy!

  5. Colored my hair with a Sharpie


    Before it fell out–not like I was worried about damaging it!

  6. Finished knitting an afghan for my brother


    All cozy under the afghan with Yoda

  7. Went to Story Sessions at City Winery
  8. Added romance to chickpea burgers


    I had chemo on Valentine’s Day, so we kept it low key

  9. Knitted a ridiculously long stocking cap
  10. Escaped another room



  11. Attended a Seder for the first time (and found the afikoman, thus winning a major award!)
  12. Finished chemo—fucking hooray!

    Another major award!


    I wore these for every chemo session

  13. Made funnel cakes at home


    I hardly even burned myself!

  14. Had a lumpectomy (especially notable since I was originally was looking at a mastectomy before chemo shrank my tumor down to almost nothing!)
  15. Helped produce Monsters, Myths and Other Matters
  16. Got a Lyft with Snoopy


    I wonder how much Snoopy increases this Lyft driver’s tips

  17. Had fun with new hair colors
  18. Got a Kit-Kat clock
  19. Kept up with my Spanish lessons (almost daily)
  20. Danced on the ceiling


    Oh, what a feeling!

  21. Leaped into a pot of happiness


    The big leap

  22. Played in a confetti room


    Silly fun

  23. Hugged a giant rubber duck


    You’re the one!

  24. Gave and received henna tattoos


    We’re not quitting our day jobs to become henna tattoo artists, but it was fun.

  25. Completed Julaiku for a fourth year
  26. Educated people about feral shopping carts
  27. Saw Anthony Rizzo’s 1000th career hit (live and in person)
  28. Banged the gong after finishing radiation therapy


    Get it on!

  29. Made use of the emergency crown that I keep in my wallet


    You just never know when you might need one!

  30. Applied to be a Cards Against Humanity writer
  31. Was depicted in painting


    Amazingly, a friend of mind did this in about 10 minutes!

  32. Visited House on the Rock as an adult for the first time

    The Infinity Room




    Who doesn’t want to sit on a giant hare?

  33. Visited the National Mustard Museum


    Yes, this is a thing.

  34. Got crafty with my husband
  35. Knitted a shrug


    It’s cozy.

  36. Saw some cool stuff during Open House Chicago

    Charles Deering Library


    Charles Deering Library


    Book and wine return? (look closely)


    Dearborn Observatory


    Dearborn Observatory

  37. Visited the American Toby Jug Museum
  38. Visited Few Distillery


    Distillery or giant clarinet?

  39. Took some pretty cool black and white photos

  40. Went on a major organization kick and finally made a dent in my clutter
  41. Sent a goat to a friend
  42. Got my old tattoo spruced up


    Like new!

  43. Finally got the new tattoo I’ve been talking about for ages


    My favorite punctuation mark


Two Score and Four Years Ago…(Happy Birthday, Love) July 3, 2018

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My darling husband

Made his mother miss dinner

Rudely being born


Forty-one Awesome Things I Did While I Was Forty-one October 24, 2016

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  1. Got a piggy-back ride part of the way home from a bar on my birthday
  2. Got a picture of one of my cats wearing a witch hat (this had been a longstanding dream of mine)

    Toil and Trouble

    Toil and Trouble

  3. Achieved a NaNoWriMo three-peat
  4. Sipped and painted
  5. Attended the Grilled Cheese Meltdown (yum!)
  6. Made kitty plates
  7. Saw the Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute
  8. Attended the Cider Summit


    Cider: delicious and beautiful!

  9. Colored Ruth Bader Ginsberg on a unicorn
  10. Successfully escaped a room
  11. Had fun with helium
  12. Used a magical cupcake machine
  13. Read Infinite Jest (It’s somewhat debatable whether this counts as “awesome,” but it’s definitely an accomplishment, so I’m counting it)


    Footnotes and all!

  14. Was on TV! (I’m in the background in the orange jacket)
  15. (Obviously) did more SUP yoga
  16. Took this fierce selfie
  17. Experimented with buttons
  18. Experimented with lots of new hairstyles
  19. Took an arm balance yoga workshop
  20. Met a dog named Friday while with a person named Friday
  21. Stayed at a goat farm in Ballyvaughn, Ireland
  22. Visited the Cliffs of Moher
  23. Brought a cutout of my alma mater’s founder along with me on my travels


    Bradley alums with Flat Lydia at the Cliffs of Moher #CelebrateLydia

  24. Saw the Poulnabrone Dolmen
  25. Visted Ailwee Cave
  26. Visited Dunguaire Castle
  27. Learned about King Puck
  28. Saw a traditional Irish music session in and Irish Pub
  29. Wrote limericks while in County Limerick
  30. Visited Killarney National Park
  31. Visited the Rock of Cashel
  32. Went on a literary pub crawl in Dublin (and won a t-shirt by correctly answering the most quiz questions afterward)
  33. Saw the Book of Kells
  34. Took a selfie with an Irish sheep
  35. Toured the Guinness Storehouse
  36. Twirled a la Stevie Nicks in the Luxembourg City town square
  37. Took a walking tour of Luxembourg City
  38. Visited the Bock Casemates
  39. Sang about a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg while in Luxembourg
  40. Helped bring You Don’t Know Us..., the first collection of stories and poems from one of my writing groups, to publication
  41. Celebrated  the Cubs’ first pennant win 71 years

Age is a state of mind…and, oh yeah, body too. Shoes are also a factor. October 25, 2015

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I began my 41st birthday with my usual Saturday morning yoga class. There’s nothing like yoga to keep one feeling young and healthy, except that in this particular class, I tweaked my back a bit. It was nothing serious, just one particular movement that caused a bit of lower back strain. I did not repeat the movement, and periodically throughout the rest of the day, I did some dynamic stretches to keep my back limber and make it feel better.

That night, I got gussied up and thought to myself that I don’t look half bad for my age. Also, I wore whimsical shoes, which I’m pretty sure makes me seem even younger.

Kitty shoes!

Kitty shoes!

Ian and I went out for a lovely dinner. We returned home briefly, during which time I did a series of cat/cow and marauding bear stretches on our living room floor (still in my cocktail dress, mind you), and we headed out again to meet some friends (one of whom was celebrating her birthday, which had been the previous day). There was much merriment. There were some shots. There was a piggyback ride given to me for part of the roughly one mile walk from the bar to our friends’ house. There was karaoke. At one point, I was compared to Yoda (for my wisdom and perspective, NOT my age).

Ian and I decided to call it a night at around 3:30. As we walked a little more than a mile back to our house, I lamented the fact that my whimsical shoes were causing me discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, they’re actually quite comfortable, considering, but still… I kept telling myself we were almost home and kept up the conversation to take my mind off my feet and the fact that I was cold and my back was sore. The topic of skunks came up. I remarked that a few days earlier had been a very skunky day, as in, I’d endured the scent of skunk for the vast majority of my morning walk in the forest preserve. “Well,” said Ian, “this is a time of year when a lot of skunks are out getting busy with…”

“Skunky cold medina?” I offered.

“Indeed.” He paused. “You know, there’s a very narrow age range of people who would immediately get that reference.”

A brief discussion of Tone Loc followed. A lengthy discussion of Tone Loc would not have been possible. We both knew the two songs that everyone in our demographic knows, and there’s really only so much you can say about them. As we passed a park, Ian veered off the sidewalk and took a few steps toward a bunny that was sitting in the grass. I kept on walking, fearing that if I stopped or even slowed I would not have the will to start walking again. We were almost home, and soon I would be able to remove my adorable whimsical shoes that had been pushed well beyond their comfort capacity.

“That bunny does not like Tone Loc,” Ian remarked as he caught up with me once again.

“How do you figure?”

“Well, I was thinking about Tone Loc when I approached it, and it ran away.”

After knowing him for almost 18 years, it seemed I was finally having an effect on Ian’s logic since this statement is much more representative of the kind of reasoning one might expect from me. At first I tried to argue. Silly me. I should have realized this would be futile.

“Do you know any bunnies that like Tone Loc?” Ian demanded.

I was force to admit that I possessed little to no knowledge of rabbit opinions on the gravelly voiced performer. I also had no evidence that the bunny in question was a fan, so I ceased my argument. On the bright side, I had been briefly distracted from my aching feet.

It was 4:00 a.m. and we were mere feet away from our doorstep when I spotted two more rabbits in the grass. “Hey, you, bunnies!” I called, “how do you feel about Tone Loc?” One bolted away immediately (probably not a fan). The other retreated a few feet, paused for a moment, and then hopped away. I went in side, kicked off my shoes, and stretched my back again.

Still crazy after all these years…


39 Awesome Things I Did While I Was 39 October 24, 2014

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“Today my age is tweedle and twee. I’m prettier than I used to be.”

–Woody Guthrie


  1. Finally ate at Girl and the Goat
  2. Drilled pumpkins for Halloween

    Pumpkins + power tools = pretty!

    Pumpkins + power tools = pretty!

  3. Put together a pretty kickass Medusa Halloween costume
  4. Achieved wheel pose in yoga
  5. Saw The Fitz and the Tantrums in concert
  6. Participated in (and won) NaNoWriMo
  7. Completed a 365 Somethings to Smile About project
  8. Began a 365-day Doodle a Day project
  9. Sent a card to a friend to thank him for turning 40 before I did
  10. Made a set of square plate for my mother to help her overcome her fears of unconventionally shaped dinnerware
  11. Saw the Edward Gorey exhibit at the Loyola University Museum of Art
  12. Saw cherry blossoms in bloom in Philadelphia
  13. Celebrated my tenth wedding anniversary
  14. Went zip lining in the Redwoods



  15. Recreated some honeymoon photo ops on a tenth anniversary trip




  16. Fed rosemary to goats at a winery

    Nom nom nom

    Nom nom nom

  17. Rode the Napa Valley Wine Train
  18. Tried (and liked) garlic ice cream



  19. Biked across the Golden Gate Bridge

    After biking across the bridge

    After biking across the bridge

  20. Visited Coit Tower

    Inside Coit Tower

    Inside Coit Tower

  21. Broke the 200-post mark on this blog
  22. Began working as a volunteer editor for a literary journal
  23. Watched The Princess Bride in a forest preserve
  24. Saw The Machine Inside exhibit at the Field Museum
  25. Saw the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit at the Field Museum
  26. Wrote a haiku for every day in July
  27. Took and pressed some ivy leaves from the house I grew up in before my parents closed on it
  28. Averted a bloody mary emergency by visiting a combination hardware and liquor store
  29. Went to Jazzin’ at the Shedd
  30. Attended a Mustache Bash (and won a major award)

    I won the "Name that Mustache" contest

    I won the “Name that Mustache” contest

  31. Coped with the stress of a horrible week by dancing in my living room until I was too tired to be stressed
  32. Completed the ALS ice bucket challenge…while wearing a tiara (because I’m fancy)
  33. Experimented with typewriter art
  34. Finally finished my button dress

    I didn't make the dress, but I did make it buttonful

    I didn’t make the dress, but I did make it buttonful

  35. Completed year 1 of a 5-year Q&A project
  36. Saw interactive disco Shakespeare theater
  37. Visited the World’s Smallest Museum

    I only wish I had time to see the entire thing!

    Slightly smaller than the Louvre

  38. Swung and spun on glowing swings


    Swings were not this cool when I was a kid!

  39. Went to the Magritte exhibit at the Art Institute