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It’s That Time of Year July 19, 2017

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Went to yoga class

Tonight: free bonus produce

Garden cucmber


Not to Ring My Own Bell or Anything… July 15, 2017

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I admit I feel

Especially virtuous

Biking to yoga


Forty-one Awesome Things I Did While I Was Forty-one October 24, 2016

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  1. Got a piggy-back ride part of the way home from a bar on my birthday
  2. Got a picture of one of my cats wearing a witch hat (this had been a longstanding dream of mine)

    Toil and Trouble

    Toil and Trouble

  3. Achieved a NaNoWriMo three-peat
  4. Sipped and painted
  5. Attended the Grilled Cheese Meltdown (yum!)
  6. Made kitty plates
  7. Saw the Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute
  8. Attended the Cider Summit


    Cider: delicious and beautiful!

  9. Colored Ruth Bader Ginsberg on a unicorn
  10. Successfully escaped a room
  11. Had fun with helium
  12. Used a magical cupcake machine
  13. Read Infinite Jest (It’s somewhat debatable whether this counts as “awesome,” but it’s definitely an accomplishment, so I’m counting it)


    Footnotes and all!

  14. Was on TV! (I’m in the background in the orange jacket)
  15. (Obviously) did more SUP yoga
  16. Took this fierce selfie
  17. Experimented with buttons
  18. Experimented with lots of new hairstyles
  19. Took an arm balance yoga workshop
  20. Met a dog named Friday while with a person named Friday
  21. Stayed at a goat farm in Ballyvaughn, Ireland
  22. Visited the Cliffs of Moher
  23. Brought a cutout of my alma mater’s founder along with me on my travels


    Bradley alums with Flat Lydia at the Cliffs of Moher #CelebrateLydia

  24. Saw the Poulnabrone Dolmen
  25. Visted Ailwee Cave
  26. Visited Dunguaire Castle
  27. Learned about King Puck
  28. Saw a traditional Irish music session in and Irish Pub
  29. Wrote limericks while in County Limerick
  30. Visited Killarney National Park
  31. Visited the Rock of Cashel
  32. Went on a literary pub crawl in Dublin (and won a t-shirt by correctly answering the most quiz questions afterward)
  33. Saw the Book of Kells
  34. Took a selfie with an Irish sheep
  35. Toured the Guinness Storehouse
  36. Twirled a la Stevie Nicks in the Luxembourg City town square
  37. Took a walking tour of Luxembourg City
  38. Visited the Bock Casemates
  39. Sang about a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg while in Luxembourg
  40. Helped bring You Don’t Know Us..., the first collection of stories and poems from one of my writing groups, to publication
  41. Celebrated  the Cubs’ first pennant win 71 years

Julaiku 2, Day 26 July 26, 2016

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Especially when I walk down stairs

July 26, 2016

My yoga bootcamp
I love it, but today, oh!
My legs are screaming


Julaiku Part 4 July 23, 2014

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July 19


Intense yoga class

Jelly-legs burn and quiver

Shavasana soon


July 20 (Bonus day: Three haiku for the price of one! But they are free anyway, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.)

Strange Texts, Stranger Disagreements

Parents, brother meet

Without me. I, from afar,

Must adjudicate


Sticky Situation

Super glue better

At bonding my fingers than

What requires repair


Oh, Dusty

Been here eight years

Neighbors’ dog still barks as if

We have never met


July 21

Morning Surprise

Slippery substance

Underneath my desk–cat puke

Thank goodness for shoes


July 22

It’s the Little Things

Too excited by

A pack of new highlighters?

Nah, not possible


July 23


Begin the morning

With ambitious intentions

But ardor dwindles


37 Cool Things I Did While I Was 37 October 24, 2012

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Happy birthday to me.

  1. Celebrated my birthday in Amsterdam
  2. Visited the Anne Frank House.
  3. Reread the Diary of Anne Frank
  4. Visited the M.C. Escher Museum
  5. Had a piece published in a daily calendar
  6. Attended a writing and yoga workshop
  7. Completed a goal of running 450 miles in a year
  8. Started and maintained whatsonlizshead
  9. Visited the Adler Planetarium
  10. Visited the Milwaukee Art Museum

    At the Milwaukee Art Museum

  11. Completed a goal of posting a picture a day on Facebook
  12. Made my own cheese

    Cheese making!

  13. Saw the “Radical Vulnerability” exhibit at the Veteran’s Art Museum
  14. Went on a kayaking and yoga excursion

    Kayaking after limbering up with yoga

  15. Made a hat
  16. Went sledding
  17. Saw the play, “Freud’s Last Session”
  18. Saw the transit of Venus

    The transit of Venus

  19. Grew my own peppers
  20. Went to the Hala Kahiki Lounge
  21. Saw the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute
  22. Had my name recognized as a writer
  23. Got a pretty close-up look of a number of glaciers
  24. Hiked part of the Chiltook Trail
  25. Rode the White Pass Summit Train
  26. Went zip lining in Ketchikan, Alaska
  27. Visited the Space Needle at night
  28. Wrote to David Cameron to inquire about my being knighted
  29. Saw Blondie and Devo in concert

    Whip it good

  30. Read one of my publications in front of a live audience at the Harold Washington Library
  31. Drank champagne in France
  32. Climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe
  33. Visited the Eiffel Tower
  34. Climbed to the top of Notre Dame cathedral
  35. Visited Versailles
  36. Took a night-time boat tour on the Seine
  37. Bought French perfume in France

Writing From the Heart November 14, 2011

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Typing dancer pose

Today, I attended a “Writing From the Heart” workshop at the Human Thread Center. The aim of this workshop was to combine yoga and writing, using meditation, breathing exercises, and asanas, along with writing prompts to unleash creativity. When I heard about the workshop earlier this week, I was really excited. After all, it was combining two things I love. Yoga and writing seemed like such a natural pairing, I wondered why I hadn’t thought about putting the two together before!

Whenever I mentioned the workshop to friend, they laughed, as I’m sure an image of me trying to balance in dancer pose while typing with one hand (or some similar picture) popped into their heads. As amusing as that image is, it’s not quite right. 🙂 The point, as I see it, was to clear away some of the mind clutter that impedes writing and let it flow after the yoga practice.

The workshop began with a quick review of the chakras. I have never been into the mystical aspects of yoga, and I don’t think that one needs to be in order to derive physical and psychological benefits from practicing. So, I don’t take take teachings about the chakras literally, and I will admit my knowledge of them is fairly cursory. That said, I do believe that the concept of the chakras can be useful as guide for scanning your body and mind for areas of tension, discomfort, ill feelings, etc, and that concentrating on these and doing certain exercises can be useful in addressing and resolving such feelings.

As the workshop continued, we were given a writing prompt: What does my heart look and feel like? What do other people think my heart should look and feel like? As with any writing prompt, the point is to get you writing about something. You can interpret the prompt any way you like–describing your physical heart or describing your heart as a metaphor for your emotions and what it might look like if it had a color, shape, and texture. When I use writing prompts, I never expect to get a story, a poem, or anything so concrete in the writing time that follows, but often, I get an idea, a point from which I can jump off into something that turns into a story, a poem or an essay. At the very least, my “writing muscles” get some exercise, so it’s all good.

We then moved into the physical practice of yoga and spent the rest of the workshop alternating between periods of physical practice and writing sessions with prompts. We were also given a list of prompts we can use at home in our own practice if we so desire.

I enjoyed the workshop and can hardly believe how fast it seemed to go. It was my first time pairing writing with yoga, and although I could probably use a bit more practice at it,  I think this could very be useful. For me, often the hardest part about writing is simply getting started. I get in my own way too much and overthink things. I come up with a hundred other things I “need” to do before I sit down to write, before I’m “ready” to write. On some level, I know that I don’t need to be “ready” to write. I just need to do it, and once I get going, I can hardly recall why I was so hesitant to start in the first place. I think that flowing from yoga into writing could help me overcome some of these stumbling blocks. I’m certainly willing to give it a try!

A similar workshop to this one will be held on December 4 at Chi-Town Shakti. Further information is here if anyone is interested.