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Amusing Searches That Have Led People to My Blog (Part 2) November 4, 2018

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Not to toot my own horn (honk), but I’m being a goddamn overachiever by writing a blog post in November since I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. I’m not even going to count these words toward my total today.

Anyhow, last night, a comment was posted on a 6-year-old entry post of mine. It seems someone typed “Jackie Paper is a dick” into google, and it led them here. That reminded me that several years ago I had compiled a list of amusing searches that have led people to my blog. After chuckling over that, I looked over my blog stats and decided it was time for an update.

What brings people here more than anything else are searches related to sherbet push-ups (because of this particular post). I wasn’t necessarily looking at the most popular searches when I compiled the following list, though, just the ones that tickled me the most.

  • Wedding arm wrestling
  • T-rex running
  • How can I write the tale of lizard in apostrophe?
  • Hemlock stairs hallway ideas
  • Footlessnesses
  • Analogy lizard vagina
  • View of wine from giant Ferris wheel
  • Fruit loops banned why?
  • Elizabeth zazzy
  • Epilady vulva
  • My nickname puffin
  • How to wear sexy sleepwear in public under clothes without people noticing
  • Lizard sings Call Me Maybe

I hope everyone found what they were looking for, and if not, I hoped they at least enjoyed the search. Stay weird, people!


As Julaiku Draws to a Close, Remember This All Year July 31, 2018

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Everything sounds

A little more profound when

Stated in haiku


But Who Wouldn’t Want a Pocket T-Rex? July 30, 2018

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Sounds Good to Me! July 29, 2018

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I Know It’ll Grow Back, But… July 28, 2018

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Of all that cancer’s

Stolen, I’m still most bitter

About my long hair


Formerly long and red, now short and blue(ish) July 27, 2018

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She eyes My I.D.

“Your hair is much different!”

Observant, this one


It’s Like a Sunburn July 26, 2018

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