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If Not For This… (a Haiku) March 31, 2017

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Sweet, but gullible

Granny believed Gramps when he

Claimed to be sterile


To Be Continued… November 9, 2016

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I know you’re all clamoring to know more about my trip to Ireland and Luxembourg (I know this because one person asked me about it, and so I’m rounding up). I do plan on blogging about the rest of the trip eventually, but it will have to wait because at the moment I am knee deep in NaNoWriMo and trying not to drown in post-election despair. So, perhaps in December…

If you need something to read in the meantime, I humbly recommend You Don’t Know Us… a collection from the Budlong Woods Writers, which I am privileged to be a part of. The writers among our ranks range from relative novices to accomplished award winners, but we all have at least one thing in common: we put our hearts into this book. Hope you enjoy getting to know us a bit.



Julaiku 2, Day 2 July 2, 2016

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My yoga teacher’s physical therapist’s sister…

July 2, 2016

Exciting tidbit:

Just three degrees separate

Jane Wiedlin and me


Julaiku 2 (Electric Boogaloo*) July 1, 2016

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I don’t recall when it began or exactly what prompted my love for haiku. In elementary school, I learned the basic haiku format and a cursory history. It was then that, as part of a homework assignment, I composed (and unwittingly memorized) my first haiku.

Flowers smell so sweet
Smelling them is a real treat
Go smell a flower

This sounds very much like a poem written by a 9-year-old. Even so, there is something inexplicably powerful about the short, restrictive 5-7-5 format of haiku. Somehow, everything sounds a bit more profound when stated in haiku. Since being considered profound (or at least humorous in my attempts to be profound) is one of my ambitions, I enjoy writing haiku about the mundane, annoying, and/or silly. I know some people feel unnecessarily constrained by the haiku format, but I often find it to be a fun mental challenge. Also, I have a mental list of 5-syllable words that, in case I get stuck, I can use as the last line. And hey, if they don’t relate to the rest of the poem, all the better. That makes it profound and mysterious!** Here are some examples from the list.

  • Velociraptor
  • Colonoscopy
  • Diabolical
  • Defenestration
  • Radioactive
  • Hypothalamus
  • Electrocution
  • Ridiculousness
  • Hallucinogen
  • Dodecahedron
  • Anticlimactic

Two years ago, I dubbed the month of July “Julaiku” and wrote at least one haiku for every day of the month. I lapsed last year, but I’ve decided to bring Julaiku back for 2016. I hope you  enjoy it. Please feel free to participate by posting your own haiku in the comments.

Haiku for all!


It just so happens that this July begins on a Friday, which means it’s not only Julaiku but also Fri-ku (in other words, it’s a twofer)!

July 1, 2016

Two Julys ago
I wrote haiku for each day
Now, begin anew




* In case you have ever looked at my picture and thought, “Wow, she looks far too young to be as old as she claims to be!” I offer this pop cultural reference as evidence of my membership in Generation X.
** Or pretentious and nonsensical, depending on your viewpoint.


Julaiku: The Conclusion July 31, 2014

July 24

No, Really, I Am

Days full of meetings

Almost make me forget

I am a writer


July 25

The Hazards of Long Hair

Nice day for a drive

Rolled up hair in car window



July 26

At Least There Was Beer

Bummer when Cubs lose

Even bigger bummer when

The Cardinals win


July 27

The House on the Hill

Seven eleven

My beloved childhood home

I bid it goodbye



July 28


Morning alarm sounds

Rudely announcing

The weekend is gone


July 29


The Tiki Terrace

Tropical umbrella drinks

Make for tipsy Liz


July 30

Duty Calls

It is my day off

Yet, somehow, I am working

I’m doing it wrong


July 31

Finish Lines

Last day of the month

So, with this final poem

I end Julaiku




Julaiku Part 4 July 23, 2014

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July 19


Intense yoga class

Jelly-legs burn and quiver

Shavasana soon


July 20 (Bonus day: Three haiku for the price of one! But they are free anyway, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.)

Strange Texts, Stranger Disagreements

Parents, brother meet

Without me. I, from afar,

Must adjudicate


Sticky Situation

Super glue better

At bonding my fingers than

What requires repair


Oh, Dusty

Been here eight years

Neighbors’ dog still barks as if

We have never met


July 21

Morning Surprise

Slippery substance

Underneath my desk–cat puke

Thank goodness for shoes


July 22

It’s the Little Things

Too excited by

A pack of new highlighters?

Nah, not possible


July 23


Begin the morning

With ambitious intentions

But ardor dwindles


Julaiku Part 3 July 18, 2014

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July 12

Rain Check

Alas, soggy day

Not very conducive with

Outdoor concert plans


July 13


Laundry forgotten

Since yesterday, mildewy

Requires rewashing


July 14


On my walk, rain starts

At the farthest point from home

As if the sky knows


July 15


During my workout

Roxie flops in front of me

Wanting belly rubs



July 16


Give us what we want

Not what we said we wanted

You silly vendor!


July 17

For Ezra

Oh, Oxford comma,

I certainly give a fuck,

a shit, and a damn


July 18


Wrong turns remind me

How I envy those born with

An inner compass