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Some of this is true. Some of this is better. –Too Much Joy

She’s Lucky She’s Adorable July 27, 2019

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I’m petting my cat

When suddenly she decides

It’s now bitey time!


Archeologic Dig? July 23, 2019

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So many strange things

I unearthed while cleaning out

The old end tables


Still very useful, I’m sure!


Nerd alert! Apparently, Ian experimented with Elvish writing at some point.


This one is a bit of a stumper. It’s worth noting that neither Ian nor I golf.


Daisy “helped.”


Mind Blown (I’ve been saying “the” my entire life) July 16, 2019

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All of a sudden

I found out I’ve been saying

This idiom wrong


My Husband Asked if I Was Going to Celebrate by Eating Bacon July 14, 2019

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A milestone today

It’s my veggie-versary

Thirty years, no meat


Too Good to Be True July 12, 2019

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I dreamed of running

Felt so alive, no joint pain

Guess I should have known


Not That I’m Complaining July 10, 2019

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As my hair grows out

Each morning I’m witness to

Some epic bedhead


It’s Like the Telephone Game With Drawing July 8, 2019

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Drawing game yields much

Hilarity. “Flip the dog.

Slide the spoon.” True words.