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First World Problems July 19, 2020

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Yoga class on Zoom

Teacher speaks into her arms

Muffled mumble pose?


I’ve been training for this for years! April 5, 2020

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I count myself lucky and privileged in many ways. The ones most apparent in current circumstances are that I’m healthy and I still have a job. Also, as people all over the globe are sheltering in place, many are, understandably, having some difficulty adjusting, finding themselves somewhat lost without the structure imposed by their previous daily routines (whatever those were), and feeling simultaneously liberated and ashamed by their abandonment of pants. I, on the other hand, have been working from home for 20 years*, and if anything, as I read stories about people feeling stir crazy and starved for personal interaction, I’m starting to feel a bit weird that I’ve been relatively unfazed.

It’s not that I don’t miss going out–I do. I’ve had to put a temporary stop to activities that would get me out of the house on evenings and weekends. It’s a bit of a bummer, but that’s all.

Am I more introverted than I thought? Am I emotionally dead inside? Perhaps, but I don’t think those are the main reasons I have been able to, so far, weather this particular storm with minimal adverse effects on my psyche. Rather, I think it’s because during my long telecommuting tenure, I have become a shelter-in-place prepper of sorts. It’s not huge stocks of toilet paper that made me uniquely prepared for this situation, it’s the many ways, large and small, I have given structure to my days.

Upon hearing I work from home, many people picture me sitting around in my PJs, keeping one eye on Netflix as I cram in a bit of work between my mid-morning and late-morning naps. That could not be further from the truth. For the most part, I behave as if I’m working in an office. It’s just that the office happens to be in my basement. I set an alarm to get up, work out, shower, get dressed, brew coffee, and grab my breakfast to eat at my desk as I start my work day.

Some people are downright bumfuzzled by this. Surely, by “get dressed” I must mean put on a different set of pajamas, right? Actually, no. At the very least, I put on attire that would be acceptable in a casual office setting. Over the years I have found that putting on clothes I wouldn’t be embarrassed to leave the house in puts me in a mindset more conducive to work. Most days, I even wear makeup! Who am I trying to impress? No one. I just feel more together that way.

I have regular work hours too. It’s not that I never deviate from them, but I do try to stick to them as much as possible. Otherwise, work and nonwork life bleed together in a most unappealing way.

In a nutshell, imposing my own structure on my days has been my way of making a somewhat abnormal situation feel normal. And now that most of us are in a highly abnormal situation, I find myself with an advantage.

I’m not telling anyone how to live their life or plan their day. I also recognize that many people have myriad factors (eg, kids at home since schools are closed) that make things much more complicated. I’m just saying what’s worked for me, and if anyone finds something in that to help them better deal with current circumstances, that’s great.

Hopefully, we’ll all get back to normal someday. Until then, I hope everyone can find their own ways to feel at least some sense of normalcy.


*We’re talking dial-up internet days, people, just one technological step above carrier pigeon!



Forty-Four Notable Things I Did While I Was Forty-Four October 24, 2019

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  1. Made the most of renovations that were in progress during our Halloween party.


    Spooky ghost wall!

  2. Won NaNoWriMo (again)
  3. Started learning to play the ukulele
  4. Saw Twelfth Night at the Chicago Botanical Gardens
  5. Finally rode the “new” Ferris wheel at Navy Pier


    Bigger and better!

  6. Learned some origami


    My first origami!

  7. Had carpal tunnel surgery
  8. Expanded my haikubulary
  9. Made cake pops (and learned it was such a PITA that I’m unlikely to ever do it again)


    I don’t do this for just anyone!

  10. Helped my parents celebrate their 50th anniversary–at the very place they met!


    Aren’t they cute?

  11. Solved a mystery in the 1920s


    1920s murder mystery dinner

  12. Saw immersive theater
  13. Went to Cat Video fest
  14. Made a Mary Peepins diorama


    Just a spoonful of sugar…

  15. Tried acupuncture for various ailments (unfortunately, it didn’t help)
  16. Took an enameling class


    I made these!

  17. Bought something from a Mold-o-Rama (which I never did as a kid)


    Meet Stephanie

  18. Saw several big metal chickens
  19. Celebrated my 15th anniversary (by eating dinner in the dark
  20. …and meeting anniversary twins!)
  21. Re-created some photos

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.



    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  22. Visited Mariposa Grove

    Bachelor & Three Graces

    Bachelor and Three Graces – absolutely magical in the snow!

  23. Saw Tunnel View

    Sun-kissed colors of Tunnel View

    Tunnel View

  24. Hiked the Mist Trail

    Vernal Fall mistbow

    Complete with mistbow!

  25. Impersonated a sheep

    Not actually a four-horned sheep


  26. Saw Old Faithful Geyser of California erupt
  27. Took goat selfies


    Goat selfie!

  28. Engaged in some much-needed hammocking


    Yes, hammock can be a verb!

  29. Learned my height in cherry pies (42)


    I’m not sure why the cherry pie is not a standard unit of measure!

  30. Visited Pyramid Point
  31. Completed Julaiku
  32. Went to my first Cubs rooftop game


    Go Cubbies!

  33. Bought new coffee and end tables (a big deal for a person with furniture commitment issues!)
  34. Unearthed some curious things while cleaning out the old tables


    Honestly, I have no idea

  35. Illuminated with Hello Kitty


    Hello Tipsy

  36. Knitted a baby blanket
  37. Saw Hamilton
  38. Bought little pieces of art from an old cigarette vending machine


    I really love this idea!

  39. Had the world’s most insane milkshake (well, some of it anyway)


    I won’t even speculate about the calorie content!

  40. Entered Pitch Wars (fingers crossed!)
  41. Visited Baltimore for the first time
  42. Did some boozy arts and crafts


    Bipedal lunar beavers especially rule!

  43. Took a beading workshop


    I made this too!

  44. Met Liz Phair!


    The Liz Club!


She’s Lucky She’s Adorable July 27, 2019

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I’m petting my cat

When suddenly she decides

It’s now bitey time!


Archeologic Dig? July 23, 2019

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So many strange things

I unearthed while cleaning out

The old end tables


Still very useful, I’m sure!


Nerd alert! Apparently, Ian experimented with Elvish writing at some point.


This one is a bit of a stumper. It’s worth noting that neither Ian nor I golf.


Daisy “helped.”