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Luxembourg Day 2: History and Culture (but First, Slides!) January 14, 2017

We began our second full day in Luxembourg City  with a walk through Municipal Park on our way to find somewhere to have breakfast. However, the morning meal fell a few notches on the priority list when we stumbled across a giant playground pirate ship–and just days after Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, the trip was in September, and I’m just now writing it up in January–don’t judge me!). It was a beautiful day, and the playground was empty. Clearly, the universe was telling us that it was time to play!


Breakfast can wait!

My father quickly went about climbing the tower on the ship because, as he said, “Someone’s gotta do it!” Well, of course.


Dad is on top of things.


My turn!




About to descend the twisty slide!

As we continued to let our inner children frolic (videos here and here), several passers-by (all of them adults, mind you) came and joined the fun on the ship. Eventually, we gave in to hunger and continued on in search of breakfast…or maybe by that time, brunch. Whatever you want to call it, we ate it at Boulangerie Paul. Take it from a rhubarb enthusiast–their rhubarb tart is delicious.

Next, we explored the Bock Casemates, a series of defense tunnels that were dug out over a period of about 100 years during the 1600s and 1700s. They were seriously cool to see.


Here, the ground reminded me of brains. (Bock Casemates)


Is this thing loaded?


Bock Casemates


Here, the ground made me feel like I was in The Empire Strikes Back. (Bock Casemates)


A view from the Bock Casemates


Tower at the Bock Casemates


Vineyard under the Bock Casemates


Panoramic view


I  ^  Luxembourg

After a lunch of pizza and beer at Il Punto, we headed to the National Museum of History and Art. Ironically, we managed to get far more lost there than we did while wandering through underground tunnels earlier in the day. We saw some cool stuff, though, including an Edward Steichen exhibit. Plus, the mirrored ceiling in the museum’s elevator made for one of the coolest selfie opportunities ever.


Looking up!

We passed most of the rest of the day wandering about, eating gelato, drinking wine, and taking lots more pictures.



Danger! Umbrellas and wine?





Here, the ground reminded me of fingerprints.


Evening falls on Luxembourg City.



Julaiku 2, Day 30 July 30, 2016

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And happy clouds that just hang out and have fun all day…

July 30, 2016

Happy little trees

Every one needs a friend

Wisdom of Bob Ross


Julaiku 2, Day 28 July 28, 2016

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I wish I’d gotten a picture

July 28, 2016

Big stuffed Pikachu
Strapped atop an SUV
That Pokémon goes!


Julaiku 2, Day 14 July 14, 2016

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But in a good way…

July 14, 2016

Found on Spotify:
One hundred twenty minutes
playlist. Angst flashback!


Julaiku 2, Day 8 July 8, 2016

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July 8, 2016

Phone off a short while
Then, twenty-nine texts await
It’s a new record


The Draper Caper (TIPSHRMETID) May 8, 2015

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It’s time for another edition of Things I Probably Should Have Realized Much Earlier Than I Did, or TIPSHRMETID for lovers of long, difficult-to-pronounce acronyms.

As some of you may know if you have read previous posts, I began watching Mad Men pretty late in the game. After finally getting Netflix streaming, I started with season 1 last summer and gradually worked my way through the series, finishing up season 6 late this winter. I knew there was only one season left. With Netflix and the like, I can hardly be bothered to pay attention to real-time television schedules, so I just figured I’d see the last season when I saw it. Netflix would let me know when new episodes became available. Sure, I’d be behind the rest of the world in that respect, but that’s really nothing new.

Before long, I started hearing buzz about the final seven episodes and hype about the series finale, which was to air on May 17. Imagine my surprise when, around that time, Netflix informed me that Mad Men season 7 was available for viewing! It did strike me as extremely odd that these episodes were being made available before they even aired on regular TV, but I didn’t think too much about it. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and heck, for once, I might be ahead of the Mad Men curve. So, I watched those final seven episodes and puzzled over the quirky, anticlimactic end, where SC&P is poised to become a subsidiary of McCann and Don Draper hallucinates the late Bert Cooper dancing and singing “The Best Things In Life Are Free.” Huh.

Meanwhile, I’m still hearing, and largely ignoring, buzz about the upcoming finale. I know not everyone in the world has Netflix streaming, but I was surprised there was still so much hubub about something that had been available on at least one platform for several weeks. Again, huh.

Then I started to catch stills and snippets of scenes from recently aired episodes. I blew it off at first, thinking, “I don’t remember that shot, but I might have been playing Candy Crush at the same time (multitasking, you know!), so that may be why I missed it.” I went about my life, half wondering if Netflix had made some weird error and I was the only one who knew about it. Whatever.

Then I saw a picture of Roger Sterling with a mustache. Huh?? No amount of electronic confection could have let that slip by me. Something was amiss.

About ten seconds and one Google search later, I learned that, in what seems to be a growing trend among non-big-three network programs, season 7 of Mad Men was split into two parts. I had simply watched the first seven episodes of the final season. The last seven were what everyone was still buzzing about.


Don't you judge me!

Don’t you judge me!

Never mind me. I’ll just take my place in line behind the rest of the world. Ah well, now I have something to look forward to.


Hawai’ian Holiday Part 3: No Muppets or Turtles, but Lizards, Tiny Pineapples, and Delicious Donkey Balls! April 10, 2015

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On Saturday morning, it was time to pack up and leave the condo in Pāhala and head off toward the next place we would be staying, with several stops along the way, of course. The first was St. Benedict’s, also known as the painted church of South Kona. Although we had high hopes of encountering Muppets there, alas, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem were nowhere to be found.

The Painted Church

The Painted Church

Aptly Named

Aptly Named

Our next stop was Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau National Park (also known as the Place of Refuge). We had designs on seeing some sea turtles there, but our hopes were dashed for the second time that day. However, we were advised as to the appropriate course of action should we encounter turtles. Good to know.

Do Not Disturb!

Do Not Disturb!

Despite the lack of turtles, the park was lovely, and we found lots of other critters to look at in the tide pools there. Coral and urchins and fish, oh my!



Lurkin' Urchin

Lurkin’ Urchin




Tiki Selfie

Lava Rocks and Palm Trees

Lava Rocks and Palm Trees

Later that day we stopped at Greenwell Farms for a tour and some coffee sampling. We heard all about the process of coffee production from farm to cup. Then we sampled more coffee. We also learned that baby pineapples are really freakin’ adorable. And of course, we sampled a little more coffee. And we saw chameleons, which provided us with the opportunity to employ some of our recently bottlecap-acquired Hawai’ian vocabulary, which is exciting in and of itself but even more so when you’re hopped up on coffee.





Once we were well caffeinated, we figured what better than some sugar?! We easily satisfied our cravings and got in a good deal of giggling at the Donkey Balls store. These delicious treats consist of macadamia nuts encased in a thick sphere of chocolate and come in many varieties, including salty balls, dirty balls, blue balls, and balls of fire.


Dare I say we had a ball here?