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Cue the Violins August 7, 2013

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I'm not Rachel Barton Pine either, but I can see how I could be more easily mistaken for her.

I’m not Rachel Barton Pine either, but I can see how I could be more easily mistaken for her.

“Do you play the violin?”

The question caught me off-guard, as it was not something I was typically asked when filling a prescription. I’m not a pharmacist, but, as a medical writer, I know more than the average bear about various types of drugs, and violin playing was not a contraindication for any pharmaceuticals I was aware of. “No?” I said. I’m not sure why it came out more as a question than a statement. I’m quite certain I’d know if I played the violin, and I don’t. I think I was just so taken aback that I attempted to answer the pharmacist’s query and simultaneously ask her why she would ask me such an odd question.

“Oh, sorry,” she said. “There’s a famous violinist with your last name, and for a second, I thought you might be her.”

I shrugged and said I was sorry to disappoint her. As a kid, there was a time when I’d toyed with the idea of learning to play the violin. I loved the sound of it (when played well, of course). I think the main thing that held me back was fear of neck pain. It just looked so uncomfortable.

When I got home, of course, I googled my last name and violinist and learned of Rachel Barton Pine. As I looked at her wikipedia page, I vaguely recalled hearing about the awful train accident in which she had lost a leg, but that happened before I lived in Chicago and long before I had my current last name, so the story hadn’t particularly stuck with me at the time.

Just a few weeks later, upon meeting a new member to my writing workshop for the first time, she asked, “Are you related to Rachel Barton?”

“No,” I said, “but I was sort of mistaken for her just a while ago.”

“Well, you both have the same beautiful red hair.”

I smiled at the compliment, and I as got my latest essay out of my folder, I looked forward to the time when people might ask Rachel if she’s related to that famous writer, me. Hey, it could happen.


2 Responses to “Cue the Violins”

  1. Tina Says:

    No Rachel Barton, but you used to be related to Mel Ott.

  2. lizardesque Says:

    Haha. I *used to* be related to him? I’m not sure how that works. 😛

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