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Amusing searches that have led people to my blog March 15, 2013

Filed under: lists — lizardesque @ 5:24 pm

Sometimes it’s very amusing to look over the list of search terms that have led people to my blog. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Arm wrestling family
  • Fruit corn flakes
  • Women fear car
  • Funny marijuana cow souvenirs Amsterdam
  • Sick ceramic creations
  • Who invented squeaky shoes?
  • Passive aggressive hipster garbage
  • Mall eyepatch
  • Jimmy Stewart hairpiece
  • I told the colorist I wanted to be a redhead
  • Bob Geldof on booze
  • Lizard people and redheads
  • Sexy redhead schoolgirls in plaid skirts
  • What did the lizard say to the parrot?
  • Psychology of clothing choices pajama wearing in public
  • Lizard inside vagina
  • Is it OK to partner walking shorts with Crocs?
  • Kevin Bacon and a lizard
  • White cow got evolved
  • Barfing on spinning rides at amusement parks stories

One Response to “Amusing searches that have led people to my blog”

  1. rossmurray1 Says:

    I never get tired of these. Some people have very specific queries/fetishes.

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