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A Letter to My Right Hip December 5, 2012

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Dear Right Hip,

We need to talk.

Obviously, something has been bothering you for a while now, but despite my repeated efforts, I cannot figure out what it is. If it was something I did, please just tell me. Did I irritate you with poor running form? Did I push you a little too far with yoga? If I did, I am very sorry. I want to make it up to you. I want to make you feel good again so we can have fun like we used to, but I can’t do that if you won’t tell me what is wrong!

I have given you quite a long rest from running. I have avoided yoga postures that make you feel strained. I have had you physically examined, X-rayed, and MRIed. I have given you months of physical therapy, but you refuse to show anything except the smallest of improvements, and you continue to stump doctors as to your condition. You are not arthritic. Everything appears to be structurally sound, but you persist in nagging me with discomfort and sometimes, downright pain. That’s not nice, and it’s certainly not fair!

I must be honest here. You are starting to seem a bit petty. I’m tired of these games. I have shown you great care and have gone to much effort to make you feel better, but you refuse to let me run, preventing me from doing the thing that makes me feel free and alive more than almost anything else. What did I do to you to make you treat me like this, and what can I do to rectify it? I will do more physical therapy. I will take workshops to improve my running form so as not to bother you. I will try to remember to stand with better posture. I will do what it takes, but please, just tell me what is wrong!

Imploringly yours,



One Response to “A Letter to My Right Hip”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    Have your left hip to to him. But seriously, my right hip bothers me from time to time, but I’m lucky it does go away and have not had to pursue it any more. Perhaps I will in the future.

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