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Francypants Part 4: The Disappearing Hat Shop, Notre Dame, and Lots of Cheese November 3, 2012

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We slept late (until almost 11:00 am) on Wednesday, but considering we didn’t go to bed until 3:00 am, that’s not so bad. The day started out dreary and rainy, so our motivation to get going was low, and we didn’t leave the house until almost 2:00 pm. My mom, Rachel, and I parted with Mari and Carol, as we had different ideas of what we wanted to do that day. The first thing on our agenda that day was a stop at a hat shop I had found online. According to Google maps, the shop was only a 10-minute walk from our apartment. We originally set off in the wrong direction, however. When we turned around and headed in the right direction, we did so on the wrong side of the street, so we never crossed the street we were looking for. We stopped for pastries and to re-orient ourselves and finally set off in the right direction. Alas, when we arrived at the address, there was no evidence of a hat shop!

Oh well, there would surely be other opportunities to buy hats in Paris. From there, we headed to Notre-Dame, where we first saw the inside of the cathedral and then climbed the tower.

Inside Notre Dame

A few years ago at an art fair, I purchased a print of a photo of a gargoyle on Notre Dame, with the Eiffel Tower off in the distance. When I bought it, I just thought it was a cool picture. I didn’t realize that this is one of the pictures–the ones that everyone who visits Notre Dame takes a version of. Well, now I’ve seen this view in person, and I took my own version of the picture.

Iconic Notre Dame picture

This one looks a bit bored, but I guess he’s been up there for a long time

For dinner that evening, we went to a fondue restaurant called L’Assiette-Aux-Fromages (which essentially translates to “lots of cheese”) where we made great strides on our quest to become more cheese than human. It was wonderful. On the way home, we passed a cute but mostly empty store called Accessorie’s. A man beckoned for us to come in and look because there was a huge sale. Construction was beginning tomorrow, and almost everything was 10 Euros. We ventured in and found some cute things. I got a cardigan, and Rachel got two sweaters. Much to the dismay of the overenthusiastic salesman, neither one of us bought the leather jacket that he was pushing as though his life depended on it.

Whimsical decor at L’Assiette-Aux-Fromages


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