The Lizard Chronicles

Some of this is true. Some of this is better. –Too Much Joy

Things One Might Assume About Me From the Internet Ads I Get October 7, 2012

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A few of these are actually true, but most are not.

I am going to surprise no one and admit that I do like shoes.

  • I need to lose seven pounds a week
  • I need to discover the true reason I am unhappy with my life
  • I may be 55 years or older and have joint issues
  • I must fight back against my declining testosterone levels
  • I like shoes
  • I need printer ink
  • I might have a use for enfamil
  • I like cheese
  • I have the desire to become a social worker and/or counselor, and that this has something to do with pictures of back tattoos
  • I am interested in buying industrial-grade metals online.
  • I need to quit smoking
  • I want to look 12 years younger (whether this refers to 12 years younger than I am or 12 years younger than I look [which, by some estimations is at least 12 years younger than I actually am] is unclear)
  • No, really, I like shoes a lot

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