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Reflections on 101 things in 1001 days (51-75) October 2, 2012

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Part 3 of my reflections on 101 things in 1001 days.

51.  Buy flowers for someone: DONE.

52.  Repaint bathroom: DONE.

53.  Take a picture of myself every day for a year: DONE. One thing I learned about myself from working on this list is that I’m quite good at committing to do one small thing every day. Not only did I do the 365-day self portrait project, but I did a picture-a-day project in 2011, and I’m currently working on What’s on Liz’s Head.

Some call it narcissism. I call it a “project.”

54.  Visit an amusement park: NOT DONE. Ian and I are a mismatched couple in terms of amusement park visitation. I love roller coasters, and he’s not big on them. He likes spinning rides, which are a surefire path to vomiting for me. Of course, that doesn’t mean I still couldn’t have accomplished this goal. I just never did.

55  Attend Lollapalooza: NOT DONE. Part of me still thinks I should go one of these years because it’s a cool thing, and it’s right in my own city. Oh, why must it be in August, though? The weather is almost always disgusting. Maybe I’m just getting too old for Lollapalooza if the weather is giving me such pause.
56.  Visit the planetarium. DONE. I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and Pluto was still a planet.

Planety stuff at the Adler Planetarium

57.  Make a piece of jewelry: NOT DONE. I’m not even talking metallurgy here…perhaps a bit of beading. I still didn’t do it.

58.  Read an entire book in a single day: NOT DONE. I suppose I could have fudged this and counted a children’s book, but that wouldn’t satisfy the spirit of the goal.

59.  Write at least one new short story or essay per month for a year: DONE.

60.  Go to a movie by myself: NOT DONE. I have done this in the past, but not since starting this list.

61.  Get CPR certified: NOT DONE.

62.  Get a pair of custom jeans: DONE. I got them with a Groupon for a company called INDI Denim. They are the best-fitting, most comfortable jeans I have ever had, and I decided that all my jeans would come from this company from then on. The company is now out of business. Sigh…first world problems…

63.  Volunteer at an animal shelter: NOT DONE. I’ve donated to and participated in fundraisers for shelters, though.

64.  Organize work files: DONE. Note, I said nothing about keeping them organized for very long.

65.  Read a book I normally would not choose to read. NOT DONE.

66.  Submit at least one story/essay for publication every 2 weeks: NOT DONE. I was counting 80% as passing on this, and I came close (74%).

67.  Go to a brew and view: NOT DONE. Seriously, what is my problem? It’s movies and beer!

68.  Cross country ski: NOT DONE. I have done this before, but not since I was a kid. I keep saying I want to do it again some day. Apparently, I don’t want to do that much, or I would have by now!

69.  Bike 20 miles in a day: DONE. When I had a bum ankle for a short period in 2010, I biked quite a lot.

70.  Make a real breakfast (not cereal) 10 times: NOT DONE. I only got to four. Making real breakfast is just way too much effort too early for me on most days.

71.  Make a postcard collage: DONE. It’s on the wall of my kitchen now.

72. Journal at least once a week for a year: DONE (2010).

73.  Become proficient at driving stick shift: NOT DONE. I must admit that, even when I first put this on the list, I knew there was a good chance I wouldn’t get around to achieving this goal. I can sort of drive stick shift, but I’ve been stuck on sort of knowing how for years now because the thought of being in city traffic and feeling like I only sort of know how to drive kind of paralyzes me with fear.

74.  Do 5 walks from the 50 Chicago Walks deck: NOT DONE. Total fail! I didn’t do any of these. Actually, there are a couple I did before I started this list, but the deck has been untouched since this list was undertaken.

75. Read 10 nonfiction books: DONE. Piece of cake, yo.


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  1. Christina Ott Says:

    Make a list of all the things I want to do: NOT DONE.

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