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Reflections on 101 things in 1001 days (26-50) September 30, 2012

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Part 2 of my reflections on 101 things in 1001 days.

26.  Give 5 homemade gifts: DONE. Ceramics classes came in very handy for this.

27.  Bake a pie completely from scratch: NOT DONE. When my local store was out of unroll and bake pie crust, I bought a mix, and even making that was a pain. Getting it to the proper consistency and rolling it out without ripping it or having it stick to the rolling pin proved harder than I would have guessed. Then, when I sprinkled the crust trimmings with cinnamon a sugar and baked them (just like Mom used to do), they went from not quite done to burning and setting off the smoke alarm in roughly 20 seconds. Since all of this was with a pie crust mix, not even a made-from-scratch crust, I have decided that unroll and bake crusts suit me just fine!

28.  Make sangria: NOT DONE. Just never got around to this.

29.  Make veggie sushi: DONE. Well, I’m counting it as done, even though my sushi had little resemblance to that pictured in the sushi kit I received one Christmas. The kit came with an instruction book. However, in the description of how to create the rolls, there was a picture of someone just starting to roll the sushi, and the next picture was of a perfect sushi roll. I’d say a step or two was missing! My sushi rolls stayed together very briefly, and most of the sushi was consumed as a pile of rice, veggies, and seaweed wraps. Considering that I live in walking distance of a vegan restaurant that has sushi, sushi is one thing I have decided should be left to the experts.

30.  Bake a layer cake from scratch: NOT DONE. I’m not entirely sure why I put this on the list in the first place. I generally prefer pies to cakes, and as we learned in #27, I’m not even willing to make pies from scratch. I guess I felt that I should use my round cake pans for something other than cinnamon rolls that come in a tube. Eh.

31 . Make monster cookies: NOT DONE. I will do this one day, and I will think of my grandma when I do. I will also wonder where she hid the giant bowls and mixer that surely were required to make a recipe that requires 6 cups of peanut butter, 4 sticks of butter, a dozen eggs, 4 cups of M&Ms, among other ingredients. Yes, I know recipes can be cut down, but considering that she had 15 grandchildren and, frequently, a freezer full of cookies, I think she usually made the full recipe.

32.  Wear a skirt or dress at least once a week for a year (52/52 complete): DONE. I actually may have done this for a couple of years without even really trying. I do wear pants fairly often in winter, and they are more convenient for times when I want to ride my bike, but I rather like not wearing pants. Skirts and dresses tend to be more comfortable and flattering and fit me better.

33.  Try 25 new recipes. DONE. I didn’t keep track of the new recipes I tried, but this is one of the first items on the list that I finished, and I actually have probably tried at least 50 new recipes since I started on this list.

34.  Give blood: NOT DONE. I mean well. I really do. I have a rare blood type, and I have given blood in the past, but not for some time. Some time after starting on this list, however, I began to have serious problems with fatigue (that I am still trying to figure out), and giving blood never seemed like a great idea considering that.

35.  Host a game night: NOT DONE. I actually would like to do this, but I have a secret (well, maybe not so secret now) fear that no one will show up, not even my husband.

36.  Use the boomerangs I bought in Australia. NOT DONE. The still look nice hanging on the wall, though.

37.  Buy 5 “I saw this and thought of you” gifts: DONE. I like giving gifts, and sometimes, it’s even more fun when there’s no particular reason for it.

38.  Visit the modern wing of the Art Institute: DONE. It’s nice.

39.  Give money to a street musician. DONE. Several times over.

40.  Clean and organize closet: DONE. You would not know it by the present state of my closet, but I actually did complete this task. Damn you, entropy!

41.  Clean out junk drawer: DONE.

It’s amazing what you find when you clean out your junk drawer.
3 empty lint rollers
1 pair of broken sunglasses (with only 1 ear piece)
1 can of glitter spray
1 vial of glitter
Numerous photo negatives
1 cassette tape (Too Much Joy, Cereal Killers; please note, I do not own a cassette player)
2 Cubs night game parking passes for 2006
1 Eli Lily lanyard
1 emergency rain poncho
1 small chain of unknown origin
2 Dave and Busters power cards (I have not been to D&Bs since around 2004)
2 Borders reward cards (hmm, not so useful anymore)
1 picture of a chicken

42.  Buy a new book case: DONE. Technically, the new bookcases were bartered for, but I’m counting this.

43.  Buy a new wardrobe (as in freestanding closet, not all new clothes): NOT DONE. I admit that I have not looked really hard, but I have not yet found anything that suits my needs and fits in my bedroom.

44.  Complete quilting square for Beth: DONE. I’m not sure if the quilt was ever finished, but I did my part!

45.  Repot African violets: DONE. They actually need to be split and repotted again soon. I am hardly a green thumb, but African violets seem to thrive under my care.

46.  See 5 plays: DONE (A Life; Suicide, Incorporated; The Outgoing Tide, Penelope, Freud’s Last Session)

47.  Attend a benefit: DONE (Neighborhood Writing Alliance Benefit, June 2011)

48.  Make a snowman: DONE. We named him Reggie.

Reggie. February 5, 2011

49.  Send 5 postcards (5/5 complete): DONE.

50.  Make a snow angel: DONE.

Snow Angel. February 9, 2010


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