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Reflections on 101 things in 1001 days (1-25) September 29, 2012

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My time for completing my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days is up. As they say, time flies, and it flew by me so much so that I only completed a paltry 56 of the 101 things. Sure, that’s more than half, but if this were a school project, I wouldn’t have passed. Thankfully, it is not. So, I will be buying myself something nice with $280 ($5 per item completed) and donating $225 to charity (which one, yet to be determined).

So, why did I do this in the first place? I had seen others blog about the concept, and I thought it was interesting. Also, I like lists, and I especially like crossing things off of lists. I wanted a little extra motivation to get some things done that I had been putting off for whatever reason. What I didn’t realize when I started this, is that I would learn some things about myself, some from completing the tasks, but even more so from the tasks that I did not complete. Thus, I’m reflecting on the items, the done and the undone, and sharing what I have learned.

  1. Run another 5K race for charity: DONE. I actually ran a few. Woot!
  2. Run a mile in under 9 minutes: NOT DONE. I was working up to this, but then, I started having issues with my hip, which are yet unresolved 10 months, multiple X-rays, an MRI, and several months of physical therapy later. One of these days, I’m going to make an appointment with a physical medicine specialist so that I can perhaps finally get a handle on what is going on. I really miss running
  3. Run a 10 K race: NOT DONE. See above description of hip issues. I did run two 8K races, though, so that’s pretty awesome for someone who used to say that she would only run if she were being chased. Did I mention I miss running. I see 13.1 stickers on people’s cars and get pangs of jealousy.
  4. Run 450 miles in 2010 (450/450 complete): DONE. Slow and steady wins the race, or at least completes the task.
  5. Visit a dermatologist for a skin check: NOT DONE. I really need to do this. Not only that, but I need to make it an annual thing. Perhaps I need to do another 101 things in 1001 days with a greater motivational device (donating money for all uncompleted tasks to Focus on Family perhaps) and include this.
  6. Get a professional massage: DONE. Yeah, this one wasn’t hard.
  7. Take a self defense class: NOT DONE. Why not, I don’t know? Do I just not want to think about being in a situation where I have to defend myself? Sure, it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but that’s kind of the point, and I may not always be able to reach my pepper spray.
  8. Take a yoga class: DONE. Done, many times over, in fact. I’m somewhat of a yoga addict now.
  9. Be able to do 15 real pushups in a row: NOT DONE. I am starting to think that I am just not made for pushups. I know, it sounds like an excuse, but I’m in pretty decent shape, and I did actually work fairly diligently toward this goal for time, and I never got past 6 in a row. My arms are scrawny. They may always be scrawny. I will say, that I can chaturanga like nobody’s business, now, which is something I could not do before.
  10. Get eye exam and new glasses: NOT DONE. Why do I put off eye exams so much? It’s not as if they are horribly unpleasant. I’d like to think that I would have gone in if I had noticed a change in my vision, but I didn’t. Still, you’d think that the motivation of spiffy new glasses would be enough for me. Not so. I will do this…eventually.
  11. Finish my novel: NOT DONE. Sigh…it is almost done. It has been almost done for some time now. My biggest problem is actually knowing when it is done. Perhaps I am simply afraid of finishing it because I am afraid of sending it out and being rejected. I have received my share of rejection letters and e-mails, but those were all for short stories and essays. A novel is something different. A novel represents such a huge chunk of my time and effort. Of course, if I don’t finish it and don’t send it out, that will certainly ensure that in is never published. *kicks self in pants*
  12. Get representation for my novel: NOT DONE. See #11.
  13. Do at least 1 writing exercise per day for a month: DONE, February 2012. Yeah, I chose the shortest month of the year, but at least it was a leap year!
  14. Publish 10 short stories or essays: DONE. The list: Three Minutes; The Sign; Thought for Food; Regarding Emma; The Little Blue Book; Dear Writer’s Block; The Elephant on the Lawn, A List of Possible Reasons…; A Host of Problems; Dear Anne)
  15. Complete another stained glass project: NOT DONE. I still want to do this. I just need to find a class at a convenient time and in a convenient place, which has proved harder than one might think.
  16. Learn to crochet or knit: NOT DONE. I bought a knitting book that was recommended to me by a friend, along with some basic supplies that I will need for a first knitting project. So, if the mad urge to learn to knit strikes me at an odd hour, I am all set. This has not yet happened.
  17. Get a library card: NOT DONE. I really have no excuse for this, particularly seeing as how I attend a weekly writing workshop that meets at a library.
  18. Read 10 previously unread books off of Time’s top 100 list: DONE (White Teeth; Lord of the Flies; The Corrections; Invisible Man; A Clockwork Orange; The Moviegoer; The Blind Assassin; White Noise; Naked Lunch; Deliverance)
  19. See 15 previously unviewed movies off of AFI’s top 100 list: DONE (The Godfather; All About Eve; Some Like it Hot; Double Indemnity; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; 12 Angry Men; The Apartment; The Godfather Part II; The Best Years of Our Lives; To Kill a Mockingbird; Sunset Boulevard; It Happened One Night; North by Northwest; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; The Philadelphia Story, M*A*S*H)
  20. Try Dom Perignon: NOT DONE. One of these days…
  21. Register as a bone marrow donor: DONE. It could hardly be easier. For anyone who is interested, you can find information here.
  22. Go ice skating: NOT DONE. I actually had plans to do this one day this winter, but it turned out to be too warm and the ice was mushy.
  23. Play tennis: NOT DONE. Ian played tennis in high school, so he could probably refresh my tennis memory, but I guess part of me is afraid I would be woefully outmatched.
  24. Visit 15 restaurants I have not previously been to (15/15 complete): DONE
  25. Get rings re-appraised: NOT DONE. This is just another one of those little things that I keep putting off and putting off and putting off. It’s not as if it’s difficult or unpleasant. There just never seems to be a sense of urgency about it.

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