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Alaskan Cruise Wrap-Up September 9, 2012

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I have already described most of the trip and posted a lot of pictures, but if anyone wants still more pictures, you will find them here.

Overall, I enjoyed the cruise tremendously, and I thought Norwegian Cruise Lines was great. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few criticisms. Okay, maybe I wouldn’t actually be remiss, but I’m going to mention them anyway.

  • Extra charges (that is, on top of what was paid to book the cruise) for soda and coffee are ridiculous. Charging extra for alcohol I totally get and am fine with, but soda?? We are talking about something that literally costs you pennies per serving. No one is forcing me to buy it, and I didn’t buy it, but honestly, charging $50 for soda for the week just makes you look like greedy twits, NCL.
  • Please learn how to organize a salad bar. Lettuce, spinach, and other bases should go at one end and dressings should go at the other end, with pretty much everything else somewhere in between. Putting different dressings at either end, not to mention different types of lettuce at both ends and in the middle creates salad bar chaos.
  • The fitness center is way too small. Perhaps it’s OK when the ship is in warmer climes and more people will be using outdoor facilities (rock wall, jogging track, pools, tennis courts, etc), but for an Alaskan cruise, it doesn’t cut it. At the very least, some sort of sign-up for exercise equipment is needed so you don’t feel like you need to stalk people (or be stalked) to get an elliptical machine.
  • I would have liked more time in Victoria. We docked at 6:00 pm and had to be back on the ship by 11:30. It seems like a lovely city, and I would have like to have more time to explore.
  • The signage and announcements for disembarkation at each port could be greatly improved. There were announcements to indicate that there would be further announcements directing people to the gangways, but at most ports, I never heard such directions. Additionally, signs pointing the way to the gangways should be viewable form the stairs, not placed such that one has to come down off the stairs and look down the hallway to check for signs.

I really don’t mean to sound overly negative. I had a wonderful time and would recommend an Alaskan cruise and NCL.

I rather loved the towel critters!


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