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Alaskan Adventures Part 3: Glacier Bay September 5, 2012

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Looking at glaciers while in your jammies is fun!

This post will mainly consist of photos. Words really can’t do justice to the breathtaking beauty of Glacier Bay. I was awakened on the morning of August 24 by voice of our cruise director (Julie!!) announcing that were were approaching glacier bay. We opened our drapes, and for a while, I lay in bed as we floated by the gorgeous scenery, which was blissful. As we approached our first glacier, I threw on a hat, put a jacket over my pjs, put some coffee on, and went out on our balcony to get a better look.

I was once again struck by the stunning blue of the ice. As we got closer to the glaciers I realized that I could also hear them. For the most part, things were silent, but every once in a while, we’d hear creaking and cracking, followed by splashes, as some of the glacial ice broke free and fell into the water.

Glacier Bay

Standing waves in Glacier Bay

Self portrait with the Margerie glacier as a backdrop

Just chillin’

Detail of the Margarie Glacier

Margerie glacier

Johns Hopkins Glacier

Iceberg and cliffs

Lamplugh Glacier

Reid Glacier

Bye-bye, Glacier Bay!


3 Responses to “Alaskan Adventures Part 3: Glacier Bay”

  1. dpoetrae Says:

    Stunning U B right there are no words sounds corny but awesome and that blue…..

  2. Wow! What an amazing experience! That last shot is stunning, btw!

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