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I Don’t Mean to Brag, but… August 1, 2012

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No legions of adoring fans of my lawn…yet

Actually, I’m not entirely sure why I keep saying stuff like that. I totally mean to brag. It’s part of my celebration of the small victories in life. Anyhow, I just received confirmation that I’m totally getting famous. It’s really just a matter of time before I will have to duck the paparazzi whenever I leave my house.

So, here’s the story. When we vacation (see how I’m using vacation as a verb, that’s totally something rich and famous people do), Ian and I use a cat sitting service to care for our furkids. Our regular sitter was unavailable for our upcoming trip, so today, I received a visit from the sitter who will be covering our vacation. I introduced her to the kitties, showed her around, and all that, and at the end of the visit, she said to me, “Can I ask you an unrelated question? Are you a writer?”

I said I was.

“Do you write short stories?”

I said I did.

She said, “I thought I recognized your name! I’m pretty sure I’ve read some of your stuff. Then when I found out your cats’ names, they seemed totally familiar, so I must have read your bio somewhere.”


Baby, remember my name!


5 Responses to “I Don’t Mean to Brag, but…”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    That is totally wonderful!

  2. So cool when that happens!

  3. […] among the couples picked for the game, but alas, it was not to be. But that’s okay because I’m totally getting famous by other means. In fact, I must be special because when we got back to our room that night, there was a nifty […]

  4. […] I smiled at the compliment, and I as got my latest essay out of my folder, I looked forward to the time when people might ask Rachel if she’s related to that famous writer, me. Hey, it could happen. […]

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