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Old Friends July 15, 2012

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There are reasons I remain very close with several of my college friends. For one, it’s not every day I come across people who are just as weird as I am, so when I do, I tend to hang onto them. As evidence, I offer for your enjoyment/puzzlement a text exchange between a friend and I. After seeing my Facebook status update from a couple of days ago describing how I was trapped by a storm in an Anthropologie, my friend Rusty texted me, and this conversation followed.

R: We’re at Anthropologie. I can pick something up for you, give it to Sara at the class reunion next weekend, and then she can take it to Chelle’s the next time she visits, and you can pick it up from Chelle.

Me: OK, I need a walrus wearing a ruff.

R: That’s very specific. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

Me: I already have a bear wearing a ruff, just so you know.

R: Well, sh’yah. Of course you do.

Me: A walrus in a fez would also be acceptable.

R: But not a bear in a fez?

Me: No, silly! A bear in jam shorts would be OK, though.

R: This is why I love you.

Me: 🙂

You probably thought I was joking about the bear in a ruff.


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