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Keep it weird July 3, 2012

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As many of you know, I work from home. My daily commute involves trudging from my upstairs bedroom to my basement office (that’s two flights of stairs!!). Although, I often joke about being a misanthropic hermit, I’m not actually reclusive. However, because of my telecommuting situation, I guess you could say that, by some standards, I don’t get out much.


Fear not! It has become apparent to me that the Universe has decided it might as well throw some real oddities at me when I do get out. These are just a few examples from the past couple of months.


Street cleaning, ho!

  • Here’s a sentence I never thought I would have to formulate: I was recently accosted by two Chihuahuas that were being walked by a man who was wearing a balaclava and had a parrot on his head. I understand that if you’re going to walk around with a parrot on your head, you might need to wear some head protection to avoid gouges on your scalp. Why this man chose a balaclava instead of a normal hat, I can’t say, as it was not a particularly cold morning. I have since seen the same man twice, once with a baseball cap and once sans hat and the parrot on his shoulder instead of his head. He always seems to have a look on his face as if to say, “Yeah, I’m walking around with a bird on me. Wanna make something of it?” No sir, I do not. Your Chihuahuas are mean.
  • While driving a few weeks ago, I spotted a car that had a small push broom sticking out of the front passenger-side window. When we came to a stop at a red light, the women sitting in the passenger seat lowered the broom to the street and swept vigorously in one spot. This repeated at every red light. I tried quite hard to think of a rational explanation for such behavior, but I was stumped. If anyone can come up with one, I’m listening!
  • Just yesterday, I saw a man walking down the street in what I can only guess was a Thor costume. He had the winged helmet, but he also had wings on his back, so I guess I’m really not sure what he was going for. Additionally, he was wearing knee-pads—kind of wimpy for Thor, no?

4 Responses to “Keep it weird”

  1. betty Says:

    Where do you live, Liz? I want to move there! Betty, from NWA

  2. lizardesque Says:

    Norwood Park, but one of these events occurred in Niles, and another in Edgwater.

  3. Sheila A. Donovan Says:

    At first I thought the guy with the chihuahuas and the parrot was wearing a BAKLAVA outfit! (You know, those Greek pastries.) I know people dress up as hot dogs, but I’d never seen a baclava walking around! Tee-hee. Now THAT would be weird.

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