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I’m not judging March 14, 2012

Filed under: Clothing,Oddities — lizardesque @ 10:06 pm

Well, OK, maybe I am, just a bit.

This morning, I saw a man walking down the street in the following ensemble.

-Shorts (tan)

-Crocs (tan)

-Quilted down jacket (tan)

I’m not going to judge this man in terms of being fashionable. I kind of doubt he would care if I did, but my more pressing issue is how does one actually arrive at wearing this combination of items? The shorts and the Crocs I can see–it’s warm day (around 65 degrees at the point) and he’s shuffling around the house in shorts. Perhaps he discovers he needs to go out to ______ (insert pressing errand here), so he slips on his Crocs (notice how I’m not even expressing my disdain for foam footwear), but wait. It’s maybe a little too cool to go out bare chested (not that I’m sure he was underneath his jacket, but just go with me here). Hmm, what’s a good choice with shorts and Crocs for an unseasonably warm day? A down jacket! Even better, it makes the outfit monochromatic, which I hear is the new black.


One Response to “I’m not judging”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    I think he was going out for some plastic tulips before they are all gone at the store.

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