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Down With Fashion Idiocy February 15, 2012

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Apparently, I was dead wrong here. It was not cold outside.

As I’ve discussed before, I like having fun with clothes and honing my own style. However, I must certainly admit that those in the fashion industry are prone to taking themselves way to seriously and making idiotic statements. Sally Singer, editor-in-chief of The New York Times Style Magazine was quoted as saying this about recent shows at New York Fashion Week, “Already we see a proliferation of great coats. That might seem like an obvious choice for fall/winter, but just a few years ago there was a trend against that, in part because of the reality of global warming — nobody needed a warm coat. It seems now designers are going back to that as a staple.”

So, nobody needed a warm coat a few years ago? Really?

Hallelujah, global warming is at an end! It must be so since the fashion designers say we need coats.


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