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Oh, Pooh! January 31, 2012

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Oh, Tigger, what are you up to?

I was out running an errand this afternoon when I walked past a house that still had their Santa Pooh and Tigger decorations on the lawn and inflated. Amusingly enough, several days ago, I had wondered if these decorations were still up (perhaps buried under snow that was still on the ground at the time). Last year, Pooh and Tigger stayed on the lawn until the end of March (although I don’t recall seeing them inflated after January), so I wasn’t particularly surprised to see them still up. I pulled out my phone and took a picture to document the undecorating delinquency and the fact that, probably owing to the blusteryness of today, Tigger was bent over and appeared to be kissing Pooh’s ass.

I heard a car door close behind me and saw a man look my way and then go to the trunk of his car (which was parked in front of the Pooh and Tigger house). I suspected that this might be the owner of the Pooh and Tigger house and, as I put my phone away and walked on, I briefly felt embarrassed to be caught in the act of photographing someone else’s property. But hang on a second! He was the one who still had Christmas decorations up and inflated on the last day of January! He’s the one who should be embarrassed!

Once my errands were done, I headed home via the same route I had come. Guess who was out on the lawn with a cardboard box packing Pooh and TIgger away!


One Response to “Oh, Pooh!”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    I like the kissing ass part!

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