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That Space Cadet Glow January 27, 2012

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He does look quite a lot like himself

Today, a local radio station had Pink Floyd as their “Friday Feature,” and as I listed I recalled the first time I ever saw, The Wall. I was in high school and, perhaps remarkably considering what you typically associate with Pink Floyd, I was completely sober. I let the music wash over me as I watched Pink descend into madness as the metaphorical worms ate away at his brain, but there was one thing that kept nagging at my mind. That guy playing Pink–he looked a lot like Bob Geldof. I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me that he didn’t just look like Bob Geldof but, in fact, was Bob Geldof. Apparently I didn’t need booze or pot–I could be air-head just fine without any chemical enhancement!

When the movie was over (and I had neglected to look at the credits), my thoughts became unruly and wanted to be expressed verbally. “Man, that guy looks just like Bob Geldof,” I said to no one in particular, undoubtedly with a bit of that space cadet glow.

One of my friends turned her head slowly toward me and raised an eyebrow. “It is Bob Geldof.”

“Oh,” I said, my face reddening. “That explains it.”

Another friend looked at me quizzically. Clearly, this wasn’t the end of the conversation. “Wait a minute,” she said. “Who the heck is Bob Geldof other than that guy in The Wall?”

I scoffed. “The Boomtown Rats?”

The looks on my friends’ faces told me they were grasping onto something vaguely familiar in this name as they combed their memories.

“He co-wrote ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas.’ He organized Live Aid.”

Ha! I may have been air-headed and sober, but clearly, I was not alone in that.

I’ve seen The Wall several times since then, including once on Christmas morning. I had gotten the movie for my Dad for Christmas, and really, what’s a better way to share holiday cheer with your family than gathering around the TV to watch school children being ground into hamburger? Anyhow, each time I see it, I chuckle to myself as I think of how much Bob Geldof resembles himself.


One Response to “That Space Cadet Glow”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    I remember that Christmas morning.

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