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Santa’s Autograph December 18, 2011

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I've been an angel all year

Most kids leave milk and cookies for Santa. Although I feel like I must have done this at least a few times, I actually don’t have a specific memory of doing so. What I do remember is deciding I wanted Santa’s autograph. So, one Christmas eve, I left out a piece of paper for him to sign. I’m ashamed to admit, that I don’t think I said please or thank you. I’m pretty sure that I simply write “Sign here, Santa” and drew a line for him to place his signature upon.

In spite of my brusqueness, Santa signed the paper. It was not entirely legible, but I figured he might have been cold/and or tired from a long night of work. I was thrilled, and I took the paper to church with me on Christmas morning and showed everyone who would look. “I got Santa’s autograph!”

Sadly, the autograph was lost in the ensuing years. Too bad. It might have fetched a nice price on eBay.


One Response to “Santa’s Autograph”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    I was in such a hurry I could not write very legibly. You were lucky to get even that. Chris looks scared stiff on the pic and you just as beautiful as always! Love, Santa

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