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A Thanksgiving Tale (or “Oops. Sorry we made you think we might be dead. Our bad!”) November 27, 2011

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Not good at answering doors. Note height disadvantage and lack of opposable thumbs.

This year, Thanksgiving began as it usually does, with sleeping in. At about quarter to ten in the morning, I lay in bed thankful that I had decided against running the Turkey Trot but thinking I should probably get up soon. As I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast, I was somewhat sucked in by the astonishing number of Black Friday sales that had already begun. It was 10:35 when I realized I’d better get in the shower and start getting ready. My parents were to arrive around 11:30, and at noon, we would all head down to Manhattan (Illinois) for Thanksgiving festivities with Ian’s side of the family.

At 11:15, I had finished drying my hair and was just beginning to put on makeup (brief pause as the theme song from The Muppet Show gets in your head) when the landline rang. I trotted over to it.

Me: Hello?

Mom: Oh my God, where are you?

Me: I’m in my bedroom? What do you mean?

Mom: We’re at your front door! We’ve been ringing the bell, knocking, and calling!

Me: Oh! Sorry. You’re early. I was drying my hair, and Ian was shaving. I guess we didn’t hear.

Mom: I texted you to say that traffic was lighter than expected and we would be early.

Me: Oh. Um. Er. My phone is on the coffee table downstairs. I was probably in the shower at that time anyway. I’ll come down and let you in.

I went downstairs, by which time Ian had already gotten to the door and let my parents in. My mom rushed toward me and hugged me. “We thought you had some emergency and left. The blinds were drawn, and the house was quiet!”

“I even went around back and knocked at the deck door,” my dad added. “I saw Stewart, but no one else was around. We started to think that maybe you were dead from carbon monoxide poisoning!”

“We were about ready to call 911!” said my mom.

“I’m sorry!” I said, and I really was.

But to be fair, they were quite early.

And well, it made us all feel even more thankful!


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