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Amsterdam Adventures October 23, 2011

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Cool ribbony statue thing near my hotel

Amsterdam – Day 2 (A Good Time for Pie)

I had the best of intentions for the beginning of this day. I thought I’d get up reasonably early (8:30), work out and then meet up with my colleagues to go to the convention center and pick up our spiffy conference bags, badge and info. However, when my alarm sounded, my head was pounding, and my body was still mad at me for flying across an ocean and not sleeping but a couple hours the day before. I figured I’d sleep a bit longer but I’d probably wake up on my own before long. The next thing I knew it was 10:56, I had slept 13 hours, and I was supposed to meet my colleagues in the lobby at 11. Oops. They picked up my stuff at the convention center for me.

The rest of the day proceeded like this…

Lunch: I learned that pretty much the only vegetarian non-dessert food in the hotel café/room service menu was tomato soup, which I had for lunch the day before. So, I was “forced” to eat apple pie for lunch

Work, work, work, work

Dinner (tomato soup)

Work, work, work


Work, work, work, work

My boss says Rita creeps him out and haunts him. He’s mean.

Work, work.


Amsterdam – Day 3 (It’s Electric!)

Apparently, I have started a tradition of blowing circuits when I travel to Europe. I’m not sure if the Brookstone power adapter just sucks or I am just cursed. This time it was my flat iron. Poof. Europe does not want me to have smooth hair.

Tomato soup again.


This hotel’s wifi is really flakey. Grr.

Amsterdam – Day 4 (Unintended Upper Body Workout)

The lights in the hotel’s fitness center are controlled by motion sensors. However, I discovered that riding a stationary bike is not quite enough motion to keep the lights on. I was the only person in the room for most of the time I was there, and approximately every 5 minutes, the lights would shut off, and I would have to flail my arms around to get them to come back on. I’m pretty sure there was a hidden camera and there is now a video of my arm flailing on YouTube.

Work, work, work, work.

Yup, you guessed it, tomato soup.

Amsterdam – Day 5 (Where’s My Phone? or I Fail at Tram)

I must think of all the little snafus in my life simply as blog fodder.

The day began routinely enough. Early lecture. Writing. Finished up by 3. Yay! Conference is over!

I planned to meet my mom and her friend (C) Carol at Central Station at 6:30. I was on the tram when we came to a large building where everyone got off, and I happened to look up at the sign on the tram sign when it said its ultimate destination rather than the current stop. Upon getting off the tram, I quickly realized I was not at Central Station but a shopping center. So, I got on another tram. At this point, I was a lot later than I thought I would be (the trip took longer than Google maps had predicted anyhow), so I was going to text my mom, but I discovered that my phone was not in my purse. Shit. That meant I either left it at the hotel or it was stolen. So, when I got to Central Station, about 25 minutes later than I’d hoped, I met my mom and C, and we turned around and went back to my hotel.

On the way out, I had failed to notice that the name of the tram stop where I boarded was not, in fact the name of the nearest cross street, but something else entirely. So, we missed the stop, got off at the next stop (which was a bit too far to walk), boarded again in the other direction. This time, the tram doors failed to open at our desired stop. Once again, we went one stop past our intended one, but this time, it was close enough, and we just walked back to the hotel from there.

Finally, back at the hotel! I had distinctly remembered taking the phone off the bedside table and putting in a bag. In fact, I had put it in my laptop bag, not my purse. So, as much of a pain as it was, I was certainly glad it wasn’t lost or stolen!

We ended up at a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen tomato soup on a Chinese restaurant menu before, but they had it! I passed on that.


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