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Amsterdam, Day 1 October 18, 2011

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Not a paid endorsement

It was cold, wet, and dark when I arrived this morning, but I and my luggage all got here, so I can’t complain too much. In fact, this trip is already much better than last year’s trip to Gothenberg for ECTRIMS, if only for the following reasons

  • My cell phone works, and without hours spent on the phone to customer service!
  • I have not blown any fuses in my hotel
  • My closet is actually larger than my high school locker
  • The first meal I had here was pretty good (Cafe Fidelio)

    Tiny toothpaste makes me feel like a giant

As an added bonus, my pine-nut-allergic colleague has, after a close encounter on the airplane, thus far avoided the pernicious morsels. So, other than a short-lived problem with my room safe (which, for a brief time, beeped at me so rapidly and urgently that I thought it might blow up), I have not much to report yet. The bulk of today involved napping, unpacking, and a bit of wandering around some of the areas near the hotel. I am jet lagged and have a lot of work ahead of me, so I haven’t the energy for much else. I did take a few nice pictures, though.


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