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A Couple of Rave Reviews September 16, 2011

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Too often, I encounter customer service that is so-so or worse, so when I have very positive experiences, I feel the need to talk about them.


Ever since I discovered this company, I have been a fan. So much of what they carry is just my style, and a lot of it is hard to find elsewhere. Items from them now make up a fairly significant proportion of my wardrobe. On the latest order I placed, I received a defective item (a shirt with dark spots on it, almost as if the fabric had been overdyed in places). I contacted their customer service department, and I felt l like Ky really and truly wanted to make things right in any way possible. The item was out of stock in my size, so getting a replacement was not possible, but I was presented with a number of options. I chose to have the shirt cleaned, but the spots did not come out, so I ultimately sent it back. Ky was always in close contact and worked to make things right, and I am a very happy customer. Kudos to ModCloth and to Ky!


I don’t have quite as much experience with this company, but so far, it’s been positive. They have such beautiful clothes, all of which are customizable. I ordered a dress from them a while ago, which ended up not working for me (there was nothing wrong with the dress, it was just a matter of it not being quite flattering on my frame). With their return policy, you can either get your money back or you can opt for a gift card (good for a year) for the price of the item plus 20% more! I opted for the former, but I thought it’s pretty cool of them to offer the latter. Also, since my original order, I have received several discount codes and special offers in my inbox. I recently placed another order with them, which I eagerly await. Well done, eShakti!

Please note, I received no compensation from ModCloth or eShakti for these reviews. I just like to spread the word when I find companies I like.


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