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Twig Down! The Horror! August 28, 2011

Filed under: Nation — lizardesque @ 6:23 pm

I think we all know that any weather that affects New York and/or Washington is much bigger news than comparable weather anywhere else in the country. I don’t mean to minimize Irene or hurricanes in general. They can cause death and devastation, and even ones that are at the minor end of the spectrum can put a very large kink in the days of millions of people.

That said, today the Chicago Tribune ran a series of photos of the preparations and aftermath of Irene. Indeed, some of them were dramatic and even sort of awe-inspiring. And then there’s this picture of a fallen “branch” on Pennsylvania Avenue, near the white house. Branch? Really? I’ve seen bigger twigs downed from a minor spring thunderstorm. Oh, bit it’s in front of the White House. Phew! Close call. This was perhaps even more devastating than the destruction caused by the recent east coast earthquake!

I will be on the lookout for plagues of locusts.


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