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Perhaps my greatest contribution to the field of psychology August 12, 2011

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When I was studying psychology as an undergrad, I leaned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory first proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. Basically, the theory states that people have various different levels of need. The lower levels of need must be met before a person can truly begin to concentrate on fulfilling the next level of needs. The levels of need are often represented in a pyramid like this.

A typical representation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The theory made a certain degree of sense to me, but I thought there was something missing. Then one day as I was dressing, my hair became mussed, and some of it ended up in my mouth. I abandoned the act of dressing myself and sputtered and pawed at my mouth, desperate to remove the hair. This is when I devised the Maslow-Ott hierarchy of needs (Ott is my maiden name). I’ve often spoken of it but never published it until now. Anyone who has ever gotten a hair in his or her mouth (which is probably just about everyone) will tell you this is true. For those moments, nothing else matters. Getting that hair out of your mouth becomes your one and only mission.

The Maslow-Ott hierarchy of needs


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  1. […] sticky hands could be near the bottom of my own personal Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (or the revised version I have previously proposed). Not that there aren’t other reasons that I don’t have […]

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