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I Was Framed! August 10, 2011

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Evil puller of hair and breaker of crayons

For most of my life, I endured occasional jabs from my brother about how, when I was very little, I used to pull his hair and break his crayons. Although I have no memory of the crayon breaking, I do recall at least one hair pulling incident. I don’t think I actually meant any harm. I like to think of it as part of an exploratory phase. I imagine myself in a little baby lab coat, scribbling notes on my clip board saying, “When I pull subject’s hair, he screams. Curious.”


Nevertheless, I admit that I pulled his hair at least that one time, probably more, and apparently the trauma has stuck with him all this time (or so he would have me believe). Never mind all the, “Elizabeth, why are you hitting yourself?” episodes when, against all my efforts, he guided my hands to smack my own face (they were playful taps before anyone calls the police) or the times when he held the door shut and trapped me in the bathroom and screamed out, “Adventures in the bathroom!” He was simply fulfilling his role as big brother, and it was all in good fun. I was the wicked little sister who pulled his hair and broke his crayons. But eventually, I would learn that I was not the only wicked one!


When I was about 25 years old, I was visiting my brother and he announced to me that something had been bothering him for a long time and he needed to get it off his conscience. He proceeded to tell me a story of when I was 3 or so and he was 7ish. It was a typical evening, and around bedtime, our mother told us to go brush our teeth and get ready for bed. Brother, for some reason, did not want to brush his teeth, so he hid the toothpaste inside the tissue box in the bathroom.


Some time later, our mother came to check on us and asked if we’d brushed our teeth. Brother said that the toothpaste was missing, so, alas, our teeth were unclean. My mother searched for the toothpaste to no avail. Where could it have gone? Toothpaste tubes do not just walk away!


“Oh, here it is!” my brother exclaimed as he “found” the missing tube in the tissue box. “Elizabeth must have put it in here!” (I should point out that this was a critical flaw in my brother’s plan. If he did not want to brush his teeth, the toothpaste had to stay missing. Perhaps by this time he had decided that getting his little sister in trouble was worth the drudgery of tooth brushing, but I digress.)


My mother scolded me and sent us to bed. I have no memory of this incident, but surely, it must have been so traumatic that I suppressed it. If the guilt had been plaguing my brother for years, it must have been a truly awful scene.


Later, (back in adult Liz land), my mother arrived, and my brother came clean with her as well, confessing his role in the toothpaste incident and shattering my mother’s image of her good son. So, that’s the story of how I was framed, falsely accused of toothpaste theft and concealment. It’s probably why Mom likes me best.


2 Responses to “I Was Framed!”

  1. Christina Ott Says:

    You are indeed my favorite daughter! XO

  2. […] he’ll read my blog more often. I do give my brother a hard time a lot for doing things like framing me for toothpaste ensconcement, but he really is a great […]

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