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The Domino Project May 28, 2011

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If anyone could tell me what the Domino Project actually is, I’d appreciate it. I’m a part of it (I joined as a BzzAgent as art of a BzzCampaign), and I’m not even sure. I know it was started by Seth Godin in conjunction with, but that’s about the most concrete thing I can say about it at this point. According to the website, it’s a reinvention of the publishing industry and is named after the domino effect. Exactly how this revolution will occur is pretty unclear. The website contains quite a lot of other text, much of which amounts to “this is so cool and revolutionary, trust us,” but  says very little to give me an idea of what this project actually is. Perhaps that’s not entirely clear to the creators at this juncture. If I’m wrong on this point, the creators have done a pretty poor job articulating their vision. In order for the idea to spread from person to person to person as we all fall like dominoes, there probably should be an idea, not just a vague notion of changing something, somehow. Of course, it’s also possible that I’m just dense about this and don’t get it. That said, it’s no skin off my nose to follow this thing and see if anything interesting develops.

What little I can tell you about the project is that this week I received the first of what will supposedly be several short books automatically delivered to my Kindle. This month’s book is a special edition of “Self Reliance,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The piece, which I have begun but not finished, consists of Emerson’s essay interspersed with quotes and commentary from some well known to marginally famous people. Apparently, the print edition comes with cards printed on 50% recycled paper/50% recycled elephant dung. Yes, that’s very eco-friendly, and Emerson would likely be proud. Perhaps, I’m just too squeamish when it comes to excrement, but I feel that one advantage of the Kindle edition is the distinct lack of dung.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to see of the dominoes start falling.


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